Top 5 Women’s Self-Defense Items

We live in a time where women all over the world have more rights than ever before. It is most true for western society, while the rest of the countries still have a lot more catching up to do. Despite, the progressive laws, it can still be unsafe for women to travel alone especially at night which is why this list of top 5 women’s self-defense items is just what women need to feel empowered and confident.

Each of the self-defense items on the list has a special purpose. The items on the list include the classic purse pepper spray which is sure to save the day, the self-defense pen to ward off any potential stalkers, the salt supply pepper spray gun to scare off someone suspicious, the portable door lock protects yourself and the personal alarm siren song to alert authorities.

Top 5 Women’s Self-Defense Items

#1. Purse Pepper Spray

The purse pepper spray is the ultimate self-defense item. It works like a charm and is a great weapon to fight off any unfriendly company. Night outs can finally be safe with your girlfriends or alone. Check out the purse pepper spray on Amazon now to stay protected at all times. It fits perfectly inside your purse and is easy to use against your opponent.

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#2. Women Self-defense Pen

The self-defense pen is a godsend. If anyone gets too near to you and does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, take out the self-defense pen and show them who is the boss. No one has the right to come near you without your consent. Use the self-defense pen to remain safe. The pen has multiple uses, from being a perfect writing tool to breaking the glass.

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#3. Salt Supply Self Defense Gun

Whenever you are in need of protection, the salt supply pepper spray gun is just what you need. It can shoot a long distance of more than 150 feet wait ease. It has military strength and is extremely reliable. Made to last, the pepper spray gun is every woman’s friend. It doesn’t produce a loud bang when fired. Load it quick and keep intruders away.

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#4. Portable Door Lock

The portable door lock installs in mere seconds without having to use any tools. It gives you additional privacy, security and safety. Use it whenever you travel and even for your home.

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#5. Personal Alarm Siren Song

It can be difficult for women to go out early in the morning or late at night, especially in shady neighborhoods, which is why the personal alarm siren song is just what women need. It is an attacker’s worst enemy. It doesn’t require any thinking, all you need to do is pull on the hand strap and the screaming of 130dB would be activated which is just as loud as a military aircraft takeoff.

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No matter where you live, safety is of paramount importance for women. Get the top 5 women self-defense items to stay rest assured.


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