10 Light and Adjustable Trekking Poles for Hiking

Some frequent and passionate hikers are quite aware of the benefits of trekking poles for a long time. However, some people still are not aware of it. Besides, from providing stability while carrying a hump of load moving over to complexity terrain, trekking poles are great even on a simple trail as well.

They are suitable for covering distant areas and reducing the load of a backpack when it comes to weight and balancing. Also, recent streamlined options launched in the market, such as the folding walking are appropriate for some trekkers and not everybody.

Nevertheless, there is a range of alternatives available in the market when deciding which potential buyers who are not much familiar with the trekking poles and the existing buyers who want something better than what they have, should have a look at the top 10 best trekking pole reviews by us.

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10 Light and Adjustable Trekking Poles for Hiking

#1. Cascade Mountain Aluminium Quick Lock Trekking Poles

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There are many benefits to this device, hence leading to the satisfaction of the interested customers. The material used to build this walking stick is ‘Aircraft Grade’ aluminum which indicates that this trekking pole has high tensile strength as compared to various other trekking poles made from various materials.

Another magnificent quality of this product is that it would technically be felt weightless, as it weighs even lesser than a pound, which ensures that the interested buyers, the hikers, would find it easier to carry it around on a long route walk.

Apart from that, it’s easy for the interested buyers to handle the trekking pole as it contains a comfortable cork grip to reduce friction for the hiker holding the pole. The poles are equipped with adjustable wrist straps to tighten up the pole while handling it, with tungsten carbide tips to ensure that the trekking gets even easier with reduces friction between the tip and the ground.

The trekking pole is extendable, which could definitely help a person to get down a cliff efficiently and without tripping over. The pole can be adjusted according to the hiker’s height, hence becoming beneficial for too short or too tall hikers.

#2.  Foxelli Trekking Poles

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There might be a huge competition between different producers of Trekking Poles, but the thing about Foxelli Trekking poles is different. These poles are equipped with carbon fiber material which is completely shock absorbent, made in a way to be one of the lightest fiber, and pure material is used, which tells that it is 100% carbon fiber material.

Secondly, the pole can be adjusted in multiple sizes, making it easier for hikers despite their heights, and genders. Contains an Anti-slip natural cork grip, which reduces between the friction while the hiker is holding the pole. The Anti-slip cork grip is not just for handling the pole, it is made from such a material that the hiker’s hands will remain sweat free and he will remain tension free, keeping the hands cool and dry, and satisfying the customer by providing them with all-day comfort with the addition of adjustable wrist straps to keep it intact to your wrists.

This pole is manufactured in such a way to be your companion for trekking in any conditions, either it is freezing cold or burning hot. The thermoplastic rubber tips stay committed to their performance in muddy to rocky and from soft to hard ground surfaces, satisfying the hikers to get a chance to go on long route walks any time, any day.

#3. Cascade Carbon Fiber Collapsible Trekking Poles

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There is a concept of ‘Survival of the fittest.’ This trekking pole is a perfect example related to that concept. With the material being 100% pure carbon fiber, this provides the pole with a very high tensile strength, making it very strong to even bend, breaking is way far to even think about.

This pole, being almost as weightless as a sock, is way easy to carry around without even feeling like there is a load with you, hence, the weight being lesser than even a pound making the hikers comfortably enjoying the long route walks.

With this comes another benefit for people of all heights, and weights for whom this product is very suitable because of its adjustable stick, with a quick lock to tighten up after adjusting the pole. As a different pole size is needed to go up a hill or come down, so the provision of the adjustable quality of this pole leaves the hiker satisfied.

The cork grips make the adventure even more enjoyable as it stays intact with the arm and reduces the vibration while trekking. Another exciting quality is the provision of a bonus kit along, containing snow basket, boots, small rubber feet.

#4. Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

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Hiker Hunger trekking is an example of folding walking pole that has a feature of quick flip lock to provide you with the benefit of extending or collapsing your poles from 24” (60.9 cm) to 54” (137cm) in just a matter of time. It is so convenient to carry them anywhere by just collapsing it and pack it in your carry bag.

The trekking pole is separated into 21” of individual sections to fit in the suitcase. Though, you don’t need to spend any additional money on it as Hiker Hunger provides it. The comfortable and cork grip provides an adventurous experience without any complexity.

You would have a firm grip and avoiding any discomfort that can occur due to neoprene grips. The trekking pole comes with a non-slip EVA Foam Grip extension placed under the cork grip to give a firm hold of it when you hike on high terrains.

Another benefit of a trekking stick is that it just weighs under 15.2 ounces. As the built-in structure is of 100% carbon fiber give it a sturdy framework and is one of the lightweight best trekking poles in the market. Hiker Hunger has a competitive advantage by using the pure carbon fiber material so that the users can have the advantage of anti-shock material.

#5.  Alpine Summit Hiking/Trekking Poles

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This trekking pole is manufactured with the “aerospace-grade” aluminum that can endure lateral pressure effectively than the carbon fiber. This is something crucial for those users who hike over steep mountains with a heavy load.

With the best quality material used, it also is lighter in weighs 4 ounces lesser than the weight of Aluminum 6061. This exceptional difference might help you to consider the best one for you.

This trekking stick is the best version adjustable trekking poles due to the quick flip blocks hiking stick that can easily be adjusted and managed according to the height of the user within the range of 25 to 53 inches. Unlike, the cheaper ones that have twisted locks and are difficult to adjust. It is, hence, designed for both men and women to enjoy the summit hiking.

#6. TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

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These are the trekking poles for walking made up of Aviation aluminum to give it a sturdy and lightweight framework at the same time to its users. Also, high-quality aluminum increases the chances of shock-absorbing effect to reduce the harm from the impact force.

They come with extra-long EVA foam handles with straps to provide its users the comfort which they are paying for. These handles absorb the moisture from sweaty hands so that the users are not interrupted with the discomfort.

The brand offers its users 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the quality and durability of the trekking pole.

#7. Montem Ultra Strong Hiking/Walking / Trekking Poles

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This is the updated model of the previous trekking pole by Montem that comes with the nylon strap to ensure that the users have a safe journey. So now you wouldn’t have to worry about dropping your trekking poles again while enjoying your trip.

The interesting point about this trek is that the brand promises you to have a durable and lifetime trekking poles that you can rely on whenever you plan to go for a hike. These trekking poles would not consume much of your bag space and neither be a burden on you. You can easily keep them in a backpack or luggage as it is compact in size. Additionally, these come with the storable rubber tips, mud baskets and pole connectors to give you the best experience of trekking.

The trekking poles are joined with the adjustable bolts that can be easily adjusted according to your height. So, anyone from the tall to a short person can use it. Moreover, each pole only weighs 9.6 ounces that are crafted from aluminum 7075- the same material that is used to manufacture airplanes.

#8. VIVE Trekking Poles

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These are one of the best trekking poles for climbing available on the Amazon.com. It can be used in any condition; from walking in a park to climbing the ice mountains. It has built-in terrain accessories and a carbide tip of tungsten to last for a long-term.

With this comes the other benefit of adjustable length that is great for short and tall people and its lightweight material helps the users to balance the burden of their luggage.

You wouldn’t have to exert much of your force as it only weighs 7 oz that reduces the impact on your joints and arms. This helps the users to move quicker in less time and exerting less energy.

This provides the users with the anti-slip grip so to keep your hands dry and cool if you are hiking in a damp terrain or cool terrain. The VIVE offers the users a lifetime guarantee of its trekking stick.

#9. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles are the best friends to frequent hikers. These are made up of the tough aluminum that is stronger than carbon fiber and can hold the pressure. They are considered significant if you go hiking on mountainous terrain as it does not consume much of your energy and balances the heavy burden of luggage. It is easier to adjust by changing the length of the poles according to the height. Thanks to its lever-locks that provides the users with such benefit.

I believe comfort is the most important element that a user finds in any tool for adventurous trips. It has built-in cock handles that keep your hands moisture-free in both hot and cold temperature while the strap is attached with it to protect you from the inflammation of the skin.

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#10. Leader Accessories Adjustable Lightweight Hiking Poles

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These adjustable trekking poles are ideal for anti-shock vibrations and give a springy feel making a completely comfortable journey to rough terrains and weather conditions.

It is manufactured from the 6061-grade aircraft aluminum to ensure that its durability and helps you to exert less energy. The adjustable bolts make the poles versatile and reliable for seniors, inexperienced hikers and children to balance their body weight.

It has multiple trekking pole accessories with exceptional features that make it different from the other poles. It comes with the attached tool that helps to navigate through any condition.

What did I like?

According to my opinion, Alpine summit hiking trekking poles are one of the best walking poles since I can take them along with me to long journeys. As it balances your body and heavy backpack weight on the trail. They are designed in a way that helps you to consume less energy or fit in the bag whenever you don’t need them.


Hiking could cost you more than it should if you don’t purchase the ideal set of trekking poles. This does not mean to spend a huge sum of money but rather go for professional quality with ideal features.

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