11 Best LED Color Changing Shower Head Review

Much advancement has been made in the modern world lately, which provides the human race with ease and comfort. The introduction of LED lights has been an important part to the people as they have replaced filament lights and provided an innovative source of light.

Introduction of LED lights in Showerheads is an innovative idea to attract people towards it, with the provision of a new approach as a decoration to the bathrooms of modern houses. However, many people are not aware of this creative design launched in the market.

A massive range of LED Color Changing Shower Heads is available in the market targeting the interested customers who are quite demented and those who are making up their mind to replace their shower heads with the ones containing LED Color Changing lights; they should have a look at the 11 Best LED Color Changing Shower Heads reviews written under our inspection.

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LED Color Changing Shower Head Comparison Chart

ProductImageWhat I like?Price on Amazon
PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower HeadIt has various modes of water flow that could be adjustedcheck price on amazon
HotelSpa 3 Colors LED Hand ShowerThe material is rust-resistant for long-term durability.check price on amazon
DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch Rainfall Shower-HeadIt does not require much maintenance.check price on amazon
YUUVE High Pressure LED Shower HeadThe color changes with the temperature.check price on amazon
YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Shower HeadThe LED display that shows the temperature to adjust the water temperaturecheck price on amazon
DreamSpa All Chrome LED Color Changing Shower HeadCan be fixed with any shower head when previous one is damagedcheck price on amazon
Hiendure 10'' Round LED Stainless Steel Rain Shower HeadThe material is stainless steel to prevent from rust.check price on amazon
HotelSpa Giant 10" Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower HeadIt is designed in consideration of tall peoplecheck price on amazon
Pission Automatic Color Changing Shower HeadThis shower head is liked by kids as well as adults.check price on amazon
Rozin Bathroom 10'' LED Rainfall Shower HeadIt adds royalty to the interior of your bathroom.check price on amazon

LED Color Changing Shower Head Review

#1. PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

PowerSpa, with its innovative design and technology, has launched a seven vibrant LED color changing shower head, which automatically keeps on changing colors after every few seconds while the shower is running. The exciting part of this creation is that the shower does not require any batteries to make its LED color changing lights emit light, and is programmed with the flow of running water from the shower.

The way the light color changes after a few seconds, the technique used to blend in the flow of continuous colors is just mesmerizing. It comes with a combo of a hose, and both the shower heads attached feature Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED which enables the lights to run on hydroelectric power supplied by the high pressure of water. In support of high pressure of running water, the Air Jet design is introduced, which increases the water pressure by pushing in oxygen along with the water by 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles.

Adjustments can easily be made. The shower has different modes of water flow such as Rain, Massage, Rain with Massage, and even a water saving mode to give the shower a pause after every short interval. Angle adjustments and detaching it from the bracket can be made effortlessly.

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#2. HotelSpa 3 Colors LED Hand Shower

How exciting would it sound if a shower had a digital display on it? Yes, the HotelSpa 3 Color Hand Shower comes with the most advanced technology a shower could possibly contain.

This Shower Head has a temperature detector, hence enabling the customer to adjust the temperature of water to their choice. The LED lights of the Shower Head are powered by running water; hence no source of external energy is required. It is equipped with built-in automatic temperature sensor with color-changing lighted LCD display.

The setting can be easily done to maintain the condition of the flow of water which includes Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, and Water-saving Economy Rain & Pause modes to ensure the customer is well satisfied with what he or she is buying. A combination of LED lights ranging from pink to green to blue adds up fancy details to the bathroom. The Showerhead is rust free, which indicates that it is a durable product for a customer’s satisfaction.

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#3. DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch Rainfall Shower-Head

There might be a huge competition between different brands coming up with different innovations towards LED Color Changing Shower Heads, but the goal has already been scored by DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan.

The attractive 12-inch curved fan design of this shower head is far more creative and ideal as compared to other shower heads. With a catchy design comes with the flow coverage provided by this shower.

The water flown out covers shoulder to shoulder, so the customer does not face any consequences of moving or adjusting the head. Equipped with Temperature Control options, the temperature can easily be adjusted.

Addition of LED lights according to the temperature of the flowing water. Blue indicating cold, green indicating warm, while different intensities of a red light indicating how hot the water is, and could reach up to 50⁰C on a maximum.

Moreover, no batteries are required to operate the LED lights, and temperature detector hence has the special technology to run on hydroelectric energy provided by the water flow. Apart from that, an elegant All-Chrome finish makes the shower head look outstanding and pleasing.

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#4. YUUVE High Pressure LED Shower Head

This is one of the best LED shower heads in the market currently. With a variety of functions and options, this product remains innovative and different from most of the others.

Water is a useful resource for every living organism, and saving water is an essential duty upon everyone. Hence this showerhead saves up to 35% water compared to other shower heads with its structure containing dense small holes to maintain the flow of water efficiently. It even contains double mineral filter system to make sure the mineral salts are cleared as water passed through the filter and pure water flow out of the head.

Three different LED lights are projected into the temperature control sensor. The lights indicate the warmness intensity of the water flowing out of the head, with an ability to adjust according to the desired temperature.

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#5. YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Shower Head

These Shower Heads are the modified designs of the previous Shower Heads with a new concept of design. This shower is suitable for both, humans and animals. People who like to have pets can comfortably give them temperature controlled bath according to the weather and climate they live in.

A screen display with built-in LED makes it easier for the customer to read our shower temperature is providing them with satisfaction and less confusion of what temperature they are bathing at.

Moreover, it comes with an exciting package of shower hose, bracket, and Teflon tape to make sure the pressure remains stable while the shower is running and a perfect adjustment of temperature can be done according to the requirement of the skin.

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#6. DreamSpa All Chrome LED Color Changing Shower Head

Your ideal friend when you need it. This durable shower head can be used either overhead or handheld and is pretty safe to handle. The 5-setting LED system works on the high pressures of running water, and no electrical input source is required to power it.

The 5-settings include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, and Economy Rain & Water-Saving Pause which can be regulated according to the customers’ demands.  Due to its advanced technology, it is one of the best rated LED color changing shower head currently available in the market, with a very high rating by satisfied customers.

It has the ability to connect to any overhead shower arm, which can be beneficial as the customer would not have to face difficulties in changing the whole shower system in his bathroom.

The color of LED changes according to the temperature, which can be adjusted according to the desire of an individual. Can easily and comfortable be adjusted with no manpower or hard work required, hence is a very satisfying product worth spending money on.

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#7. Hiendure 10” Round LED Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head

This shower head is one of the largest LED color changing shower head in size; hence it is approximately 10 inches wide. With such wide area comes wider room from water flow covering the body shoulder to shoulder. The water temperature can be controlled and LED changes color according to the change in various temperatures.

Due to its lightweight and greater surface area to volume ratio, it can be connected to the ceiling or wall directly with no need of a shower arm, which is surely durable and cost-efficient.

Another benefit of buying this shower head is that it made manufactured using stainless steel with an oil rubbed bronze finish, hence the customer will be free from worrying about the shower head getting rusted or damaged. Also, this product is being provided with almost a lifetime warranty which would want the customers to buy it with their eyes shut.

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#8. HotelSpa Giant 10″ Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head

As people say, the bigger, the better. So here we are with the all-new Giant Color Changing LED Shower Head by HotelSpa. It is equipped with the latest technology of LED lights, with a height adjustment panel to ensure that a tall person does not have to bow down for a warm shower on a chilly day.

The up to date style does not leave any excuses for a bath to look more alluring. The shower head is framed with a huge 10 inches Hydroelectric powered LED light covering all its corners to ensure the bath to be glowing — changes in the color of the LED lights run according to the controlled temperature of the running water.

Despite its gigantic size, it is manufactured to be very lightweight. Attached to it is a long heightened extension arm which is moveable and can be adjusted according to the desired angle and height the customer wants.

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#9. Pission Automatic Color Changing Shower Head

People find it easier to adjust with automatic equipment as compared to the manual ones. This shower head has the ‘ability to change it LED color automatically’ to not one, not even two, but to seven different colors. It follows an instant process as soon as the water starts running down the shower head.

This product grabs the attention of both, adults and kids. Two layers of LED lights are equipped in the showerhead, one on the external corners, while the other inside that layer, the internal side.

No tools or techniques are required to connect it to the shower arms; hence it is easy to use. This shower head is durable and cheap, so the customers will not have a chance to be frowned due to the super warranty of 12 months regarding damages and exchanges is provided by the company.

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#10. Rozin Bathroom 10” LED Rainfall Shower Head

Circular Shower Heads are too mainstream, and customers always tend to buy better and more valuable goods. Rozin provides with a tremendous square-shaped shower heard with a large surface area to give a good ambiance to the bathroom, and a wide flow of water to occur at once. Controllable LED colors are a blessing, as an individual can set up from the following provided colors according to his mood.

Apart from the enormous size of 10 inches by 10 inches, the color of the shower head is ‘Brushed Nickel’ which furnishes the bath with a look of royalty and makes it seem more majestic.

What do I like?

According to my opinion, the Pission Automatic Color Changing Shower Head is the product I would recommend for myself, and my fellow beings as the automatic change in the color and intensity of the light bring back a person to life as compared to a boring daily base shower. In addition to that, installing is effortless, saving an individual’s time and providing him with maximum satisfaction.


Choosing the perfect shower head can be very hectic and tough, but a huge variety might provide an individual with more options.

Moreover, according to his budget, he could afford a suitable LED color changing shower head, and such shower heads are available in the market with many different and innovative designs and features.



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