5 Tips for Buying the Best Inflatable Camping Pillow

Many people avoid going camping because they cannot rest properly. However, we have the solution for these people.

Camping pillows can make the difference between a restful sleep and a restless night. The extra layer of insulation between the ground and your body is the key factor which will improve your sleep.

Why rest your head on the ground when you have so many options available? The greatest thing about it is the fact that you don’t have to go broke in order to sleep peacefully.

They are much cheaper than the previous years and you don’t have to save up to invest in a high-quality pillow for traveling.

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How to Buy the Best Inflatable Camping Pillow

Self-inflating vs. Pillow Cases:

Whatever one you prefer solely depends on your preferences. Usually, self-inflating camping pillows are more convenient because you can carry them around much easier.

In addition to this, they are normally constructed from a soft material that will let your skin breathe in case you are sweating excessively.

Whereas, pillowcases come at a much cheaper price for those who are not willing to invest a lot of money. Their comfort relies on whatever you stuff it with.

In addition to this, it’s your job to create an even surface so you can rest your head properly. The good thing about them is the fact that you will never experience leaks.


As you may know already when you go camping you will need to take a lot of tools with you so your experience will be as relaxing as it could be.

Therefore, if you’re planning to fit everything in your backpack, you want to keep the weight down. Excessive weight will slow you down and you also risk hurting your back by carrying around a lot of weight. This is why you must ensure that the weight of the pillow is low.


There’s no hiding the fact that the best material is the one that is durable and breathable. This is why the majority of them are made from fleece and fabric so you will be provided with the right amount of comfort. As well as, you will be also protected from bacteria and mildew.


When you are done with your camping experience, it would be good if you can let the air out or remove the items that you have stuffed the pillow with. This means that you don’t have to carry the pillow in your hands as you return home. This can be beneficial for those that are camping in the mountains. Also, it’s much safer for you and the product if you can fold it up and put it inside of the backpack.

Top Tip

If you want to avoid punctures, we recommend that you wrap the pillow in clothing like. This can turn out to be much more comfortable and safe if you are sleeping on a rough ground. Don’t forget to remove any twigs or woods around the pillow.

#1. Trekology Ultralight Camping Pillow


  • Material: TPU Fabric
  • Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 4”
  • Available colors: 8

Health Benefit: This pillow will help those that are suffering from shoulder injuries. In addition to this, it will provide support for those experiencing neck pains.

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Product Introduction: 

This model has been created with a slip-resistant coating so you will no longer slip your head in your sleep regardless of how many times you are turning. One of the greatest things about it is the fact that you will be able to inflate the pillow by mouth with approximately 5 breathes. The pillow weighs a mere 78 grams which means that you won’t even feel like it’s there. As well as, it measures 16” x 12” x 4”.  When you fold it down, it will measure 5” x 2”. Therefore, it can fit in your back pocket.

If you put a big price on comfort, you should consider purchasing this model. This pillow inflates and deflates just the way it should be. In fact, you will notice that when you fold it up, it measures the same length as a soda can. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that it contours around your own specific neck and head so it ensures superior comfort regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Due to its design, this inflatable camping pillow can also be used by those experiencing should discomfort or pain. You will thoroughly enjoy the extra inter-layers that provide additional cushioning so you will feel like you are sleeping on the same pillow you have at home. If you like camping and comfort, this is the right model for you.

It deflates in secondsSome people reported air leaks
Suitable for a range of sleepersCustomer service could be better
Ergonomically designedThe products are not individually quality checked
The material is waterproof
Storage bag is included in the package


We recommend this product because you should consider this pillow regardless if you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper. If you’re after a pillow that will provide you support for your neck and head, this camping pillow will provide you exactly that. When you fold it up it measures the same as a soda can.

#2. ONWEGO Camping Pillow


  • Material: Soft-Top fabric and Cotton
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Dimensions: 15” x 12” x 4.5”
  • Available colors: 1

Health Benefit: This pillow will keep your skin protected from developing skin rashes and infections due to bacteria. You can easily clean it after your adventure.

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Product Introduction: 

This is another model that will provide you with comfort and reliability. It’s ultralight and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go. When the pillow is inflated, it measures 15” x 12” x 4.5”. This means that you will have enough space to turn and toss as much as you like without falling off. When you fold it up, you will notice straight away that it’s small and compact as it measures 4” x 3”. When you take it with you, you can stuff it in the carry case that comes with. Therefore, you don’t have to spend any additional money.

The Soft-Top fabric cover will protect it against punctures and it will also ensure that it keeps your skin safe. The extremely soft cotton fabric with polyester will cradle your head so you don’t have to deal with a sweaty neck and head. You will be able to use it when camping, during summer music festivals, or concerts. The reason why this is a popular model is that it’s compact and comfortable.

You will also be pleased to know that it’s very easy to wash the pillow. This is something not many brands can boast with. All that you will need to do is to use mild soap and water and easily wipe the dirt off. In addition to this, you can inflate it with 3 breathes by mouth. No pump is needed so you don’t have to spend any further money.

It’s lightweight and portableNot suitable for a range of sleeps
It will deflate within secondsLimited warranty period
Limited number of breathes neededThe product doesn’t come with a patch kit
The material is soft
Suitable for a range of activities


Overall, this is another one of the best inflatable camping pillows as it’s very easy to use and to maneuver. You don’t have to put a lot of effort to inflate the camping pillow and you will be able to fold it within seconds. Exactly what you would expect from a camping pillow. This is a suitable pillow for camping, car rides, and an airplane.

#3. Rumpl Stuffable Fleece Pillowcase


  • Material: 20D Nylon and Polyester Fleece
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Dimensions: 16” x 10” x 4”
  • Available colors: 3

Health Benefit: This model will help those with neck pains. You will position the head the way you find the most comfortable.

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Product Introduction:

By considering this model, you can ensure that you will be well-rested for whatever the next day brings. This stuffable pillowcase will make sure that you never have to deal with air leaks or patch kits. It’s corrosion resistant and it’s nearly impossible for it to puncture. The pillowcase is designed with nylon fabric on one side and on one side it’s created with silky smooth moleskin fleece so you can rest your head. If you wish, you can turn it on its other side when it gets too hot. Therefore, it’s suitable to be used in different seasons.

You can take this pillowcase wherever you go because it’s lightweight and portable. It measures 16” x 10” x 4” and when you stuff it into the sack it measures 5” x 4”. However, the thing that stands out is the fact that it weighs 3 lbs. This means that you will barely feel that it’s there. You will be pleased to know that you can stuff it with whatever you have at hand. This includes your extra rain jacket.

Due to its design, you will be pleased to know that the pillowcase is machine washable. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything by hand. If you don’t want to spend time meaninglessly this is the right model for you. In case you are after a soft and comfortable model that you can rely on it for numerous years, you should consider this product.

You can fill it with whatever you wishDifficult to fill it evenly
Designed with a range of materialsLimited warranty period
The pillowcase has two sidesThe pillowcase is thick
Carry case is included


This is a model that we recommend due to the fact that it’s very practical and convenient. You can fill it with whatever you wish and you can use both sides of the pillow to lay your head. As well as, the carry case is included at no extra price. You can use this pillowcase for a range of activities. This includes traveling, concerts, and flights.


1. Can I use these if I sleep on my belly?

Yes. You can use the pillows that are highlighted in this review regardless of your sleeping position. It’s a known fact that stomach sleepers need a pillow that keeps the body aligned and those that sleep on their back must have proper neck support. Side sleepers require a thick camping pillow. The first model is suitable for all, the second is convenient for back sleepers and side sleepers should use the third model mentioned.

2. Are they suitable for me if I get too hot during sleeping?

If you’re one of these people, you want to stay away from a material that retains the heat. The models that we have mentioned are made from fabric, cotton, and fleece. All of these will allow your skin to breathe easily without holding on to the heat. We thoroughly recommend that you stay away from foam as it won’t let your skin breathe.

3. Will they ease my allergies?

Yes. Whilst some pillows will do more harm than good, you will be pleased to know that the products mentioned will ensure that you will never have to deal with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and throat. You can easily wash every single item without having to waste a long time meaninglessly.

4. Are they useful for more than one thing?

Apart from them keeping your head protected, you will be pleased to know that they have more than one use. You can use them in the comfort of your own home when you’re resting your head on the pillow. We recommend that you do this especially if you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain already. As well as, you can also use them as a support for your back when you’re driving. This is especially useful when you have back pains and you have to drive for numerous hours.

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