Holds Your Bottle Or Can with the Cool Belt Buckle

Have you seen this belt buckle in Shark Tank? I did and could not wait for this ingenious device to be available on Amazon! BevBuckle is made in the USA and is the first retractable beverage holding belt buckle ever. With the 11 colors that this buckle comes in, I had a vast variety to choose from. I ordered the ‘Rub for Luck’ for myself, and to be honest, I never expected this product to be such a big hit.

I have been using it for two years now, and I can proudly say that I invested my money on one great buckle. Trust me; it’s impressive to be hands-free. It is made up of superior quality zinc and has an antique silver finish; it shines just the way it did when I first unboxed the packaging.

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Top 5 Women’s Self-Defense Items

Women's Self-Defense Items

We live in a time where women all over the world have more rights than ever before. It is most true for western society, while the rest of the countries still have a lot more catching up to do. Despite, the progressive laws, it can still be unsafe for women to travel alone especially at night which is why this list of top 5 women’s self-defense items is just what women need to feel empowered and confident.

Each of the self-defense items on the list has a special purpose. The items on the list include the classic purse pepper spray which is sure to save the day, the self-defense pen to ward off any potential stalkers, the salt supply pepper spray gun to scare off someone suspicious, the portable door lock protects yourself and the personal alarm siren song to alert authorities.

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Buckle-Free Comfortable Elastic Belt for Men and Women


Buckle-Free Comfortable Elastic Belt for Men and Women. No Bulge, No Hassle. Breathe Comfortably.

I and my sister ordered three of these buckle free belts out of the five great colors. FreeBelts offer and are super satisfied with our purchase. The belts are fully elastic and buckle-free, so they fit our waists without a need to buckle them. My sister had been expecting, and this belt has been her go-to throughout her maternity period. The highly elastic material that this belt is made up stretched as her body grew and always kept her comfortable.

Their fantastic quality and durable material ensure that they last a long time. The belts are simple, slim, and elegant. These belts are individually handmade and are of incredible quality, providing extreme comfort. We are planning to gift one to our grandfather too. I wear them on pants, and my sister wears them on her denim skirts also. We both have incredibly different physiques, but they fit us both perfectly.

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This Portable Door Stopper is for Anyone Needing Privacy and Security

Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

My job kept me away from my home and out of the city on most nights of the month. I never cared much until a few months back when there were increasing reports of thefts in our neighborhood. I couldn’t even think about leaving my wife and son home alone anymore. A colleague mentioned door jammers to me, and I instantly knew they were my Holy Grail. I searched for the best ones available and found this fantastic door jammer online. I ordered Aluratek Door Jammer online.

It was shipped quickly, and I had already installed it before my next night out. I positioned it with the bottom flange under the door, directly below the door handle. After adjusting the foot, the Jammer was tightly fitted, and I no more had to worry for our house’s security. I tested the door to ensure it was securely installed and I had to do no more.

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The Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger is a Top Choice for a Swimming Pool on Holiday

Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger

The Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger

I saw this swimming pool lounger at a friend’s pool party where it had been the show stopper as all of my friends waiting for their turn to try it out. When my turn came, I decided I wanted one for myself too. I ordered it the very next day, and when I finally got the product, I was amazed at how effortlessly I assembled it. Within minutes it was ready to use. I cruise around my pool in this lounger now and enjoy my weekends on another level.

The Splash Runner puts me in the driving seat; with its two 66-Watt motorized propellers it has a 360 degree of freedom and I can move it wherever I want with the simple dual push-button controls. Is it too sunny in the corner you were cruising in? No worries, you can drive this lounger to the shady one quickly and swiftly. With such ease of moving around, I feel like staying in the water forever.

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