This Portable Door Stopper is for Anyone Needing Privacy and Security

Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection

My job kept me away from my home and out of the city on most nights of the month. I never cared much until a few months back when there were increasing reports of thefts in our neighborhood. I couldn’t even think about leaving my wife and son home alone anymore. A colleague mentioned door jammers to me, and I instantly knew they were my Holy Grail. I searched for the best ones available and found this fantastic door jammer online. I ordered Aluratek Door Jammer online.

It was shipped quickly, and I had already installed it before my next night out. I positioned it with the bottom flange under the door, directly below the door handle. After adjusting the foot, the Jammer was tightly fitted, and I no more had to worry for our house’s security. I tested the door to ensure it was securely installed and I had to do no more.

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