15 Best Residential Anti-Theft Locking Mailbox Reviews in 2020

Who doesn’t get excited to see their mailbox filled with surprising parcels or monotonous letters? However, some of you might fear of theft, and some of the so-called security mail-boxes are in actually very easy to open for thieves. You must be wondering to find a solution to this problem. To solve this issue, we researched the extensive information of anti-theft mailbox from various sources and presented you with the solutions below.
These are the top 15 residential anti-theft locking mailboxes with different features, each offering its unique quality and protecting from the risk.

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Best Residential Anti-Theft Locking Mailbox Comparison Chart

ProductImageProsConsPrice on Amazon
Architectural Mailboxes 6200Z-10* durable
* water-resistant
* cannot fit parcel of every sizecheck price on amazon
Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10* durable
* rubber Seal
* difficult to installcheck price on amazon
Gibraltar Wall-Mount Mailbox* durable
* easy to install
* complex to learn advanced featurescheck price on amazon
Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00* durable
* 2 in 1 benefits
* no cam lockcheck price on amazon
Gibraltar Mailboxes RSKB0000* with a cam lock
* durable
* expensivecheck price on amazon
Mail Boss 7412
* skillfully designed
* easy to assemble

* expensive
* potential for some leaking

check price on amazon
Mail Boss 7506* durable
* USPS approved
* expensivecheck price on amazon
Mail Boss 7172* easy installation
* USPS approved
* easy to fishcheck price on amazon
Mail Boss 7207* easy to install
* USPS approved
* not appealing designcheck price on amazon
Polar Aurora Mailbox* attractive* some risk of fishingcheck price on amazon
Step2 531700 MailMaster* trap door to use full storage area* cheap qualitycheck price on amazon
Peelco Wall Mount Mailbox* sturdy design
* expensive
* installation can be a challengecheck price on amazon
Salsbury Industries 4325BLK* USPS approved
* great colors available
* installation is difficultcheck price on amazon
DuraBox W500* durable
* simple
* has to be checked everydaycheck price on amazon
DuraBox D500* attractive design* rectangular holes to be madecheck price on amazon

#1. Architectural Mailboxes 6200Z-10

This residential locking mailbox offers the classic design and framework and on is officially approved by the United States Postal Service. The ‘mail shield’ technology prevents your personal and significant packages from a theft. The anti-pry latch locking mechanism that is one of the advanced technology is fitted in it to protect fishing. The body is constructed of well-built 16 and 18-gauge galvanized steel that is thoroughly coated and finished in power to maintain its durability and long-life.

People who are cautious about safety as well as cleaning too, need to consider this as one of their options. As it includes doors that have rubber seals to keep packages clean and dry. Also, this could be fitted into a pilaster or column to resist the moisture. The mailbox measures 18 x 14 x 11.5 to store your deliveries.

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#2. Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10

The mailbox is constructed of galvanized steel coated in powder with stainless steel panels. It is given firm support with the aid of steel hinges for extra durability. It offers greater capacity with over-sized door design and internal security baffle. It is structured in a way to store additional parcels in a lower-storage compartment.

This mailbox can protect your parcels for days with an installed locking system that is a pry-resistant lock to avoid fishing.  Moreover, the Weather-Tite rubber is featured to seal the mailbox from rain or dust to enter inside and damage the items.

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#3. Gibraltar Wall-Mount Mailbox MSK00000

People who require neither too large nor too small mailbox should go for this medium-sized residential locking mailbox. The well-built Gibraltar Mailsafe is constructed with plastic and aluminum, providing the ultimate durability and strength never to rust. It is coated with a white powder finish that keeps the box new and blocks the elements like moisture and rain. It is a smart- choice for the people who want to protect their incoming mail.

The mailbox has a heavy access door with cam lock and two keys to ensure your essential mails are safe. The locking mail unit helps to protect the valuable deliveries from theft. The compartment measures 16 x 8.38 x 13 inches to store your contents.

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#4. Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00

This mailbox is aesthetically crafted to create a cocktail of styling and security. Thus, the medium-sized designer mailbox doesn’t fail to disappoint its potential customers. It offers the ultimate elegant look to add charm to your residence along with its security function. From a distance, the mailbox incorporates its decorative design and framework which engineered from the galvanized steel to stand against the moisture and rust.

The compartment is dusted and finished with the powder-coat and galvanized steel to stay as new for a long time. While the concealed lock will deter the thieves or the fishing, so, you can now be aware of the thief.  On the other hand, mail emblem is just an alternative which can be omitted to give a more modern look. Under a reasonable price, it is giving 2 in 1 benefits as the mailbox can be even used as a drop box.

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# 5. Gibraltar Mailboxes RSKB0000

The residential mailbox with lock provides ultimate security in contemporary and moderate design. People who don’t prefer too large or too small mailbox should buy this medium-sized mailbox with a streamlined body. Due to its structure, the box tends to be clean to give it an aesthetic look. The best feature about this mailbox is that it is manufactured from polypropylene plastic that will never rust, while at the same time providing durability and toughness.

In regards to the security, it has access to the door that facilitates with cam lock to identify the potential thieves and less risk to lose your mail. The mailbox is considered with an ultraviolet inhibitor to use it for long-term.

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# 6. Mail Boss 7412

There are many benefits of this, hence, satisfying the users. This residential locking mailbox is given the framework of Epoch that is manufactured with sturdy and heavy gauge. The heavy-duty gauge is given a polish of powder-coat and a pioneering bin door design to protect it from peeping. It is preferred to be as the most convenient security wall-mounted mailbox for significant applications. This includes; night drops, payment drops, office mail, key drops and more.

Some people worry about rusted steel. Well, this is produced with stainless steel hinges to maintain its durability and ease of use. The patented anti-pry locking feature installed in it is made of chrome-alloy tempered steel to prevent your mail from thieves. This is an ideal tool for residencies and offices that store mails for up to 2-3 days.

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# 7. Mail Boss 7506

This is yet another residential lockable mailbox, with great features which are approved by USPS. This helps to decrease the risk of ID theft since robbers manage to trace the personal information to steal mails. Thus, paying a bit more for USPS Approved locking mailbox keeps your mail in safe hands.

As with any residential mailbox, one of the biggest challenges faced by the house-owners is that there might be a chance for a mail carrier to misuse the box. Due to its unique baffle door, small packages like letters or official documents can be accepted while deterring the fishing. The compartment that measures 21 x 11.25 x 10.75 is featured with a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism that protects from the unwanted theft.

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# 8. Mail Boss 7172

As the name itself describes it to be a high-security wall-mount mailbox with classic body structure. This house mailbox is known to be made up of galvanized steel. ‘Man-shield’ technology that prevents fishing and anti-pry latch mechanism that provides you with maximum security, so you can conveniently and safely receive significant mails without any hassle or losing it.

With the ultimate system of a mounting bracket, you can quickly put your Townhouse mailbox on brick, stucco and other wall surfaces. The package includes; reflective house number, so the mail carrier drops the right item in your mailbox, three keys, four lag bolts to assemble it and drill for installation.

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# 9. Mail Boss 7207

Do you prefer a contemporary mailbox or you prefer some special qualities in it? Mail Boss package is a quality residential mailbox with a lock for protecting against mail theft as it is becoming one of the fastest growing crime in the world. This mailbox ensures to keep your package and small parcels safe if you are on vacation.

It is approved by USPS and provides extra-large capacity with an innovative baffle door bin that is designed for ‘Mail Shield.’ The mailbox comes with the patented fast-track mounting plate for easy assembling and installation in minutes.

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#10. Polar Aurora Mailbox

If you prefer something with additional characteristic and best to install outside your house? Then you should go with this outdoor mailbox that has a sturdy framework with the combination of style and quality. The mailbox is manufactured with cast aluminum and cast iron that gives it the brand new and high-quality look. The mailbox does not consume your massive time to install it and includes all the hardware tools.

You get a security lock along with the elegant retro appearance that complements the beauty of your outdoor garden or yard. Since Christmas is around the corner, so you gift it your loved ones as well. The mailbox assembly components include, roof, a box with a door and pre-installed 5-pin cam lock to secure your mail.

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#11. Step2 531700 MailMaster

From a distance or if someone is passing by, these beautifully designed mailboxes arrest your attention. However, when you have a close, they seem to be manufactured with cheap quality material. Some people, paint it to give it a reality to add a ton of curb appeal. The best part of this mailbox is the door access that is hidden for security. So, a potential thief might be confused while trying to get access to it.

If you are out of town for a few days, you can remove the trap door to open additional space for your mails to be collected. The package includes; address numbers, mounting hardware, and two keys.

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# 12. Peelco Wall Mount Mailbox

PEELCO’s perfect aesthetic mailbox is designed to complement the front walls of your houses and merge with architect personality. Purchasing a white beauty would easily wall mount on the white surfaces and camouflage with it. Whereas, black would add an accent to your brown wooden walls or brick walls.

This is a waterproof mailbox, that covered in the powder-coat finish and galvanized stainless steel that is water-proof and rust-resistant for its long-term durability. The sturdy structure of the mailbox prevents all your important mails from being replaced, stolen or destroyed as it is water-resistant.

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# 13. Salsbury Industries 4325BLK

Salsbury is a mailbox that comes with an outgoing mail tray. Under that is a mail deposit section for your mail carrier to drop off your package. Following the small section is the largest section where your incoming mail is secured — the adjustable outgoing mail tray measures to be 12.5 x 13.625 x 18.25. The mailbox can be mounted on posts or walls the red flag signal.

It features a front and rear access locking door with two keys for each door for easy access. The box is coated with a powder finish to prevent it from rust or water. The mailbox is available in black, green, white and silver to match or contrast with your house.

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#14. DuraBox W500

The DuraBox wall-mounted mailbox with a tabular key that keeps your valuable item in storage secure.  However, you cannot install it outside your house as it is manufactured with the qualities that are suitable for the indoor purpose and is also known as house mailbox.

The mailbox features a piano hinge double steel door to avoid prying. The box area is secure as this metal mailbox has a baffle inside that protects against fishing.  The compartment includes tabular keys that cannot be duplicated and provides you with extra security.

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# 15. DuraBox D500

The DuraBox is one of the competitive brands in the market that designs one of the best iron mailboxes. The mailbox is designed with durable steel construction that secures your all-days packages like envelopes, official documents, official letters, etc. However, you might need to design a rectangular cutout for this unit to mount on.

To receive all your valuable items, you must first check the slot opening before you buy a mailbox. This mailbox has a deposit slot opening that measures 9-1/2” wide and can only cater to the items that are up to 1-3/4” thick.  Therefore, due to the baffle door, the box cannot receive packages like books, magazines, and other larger mails.

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What did I like?

According to my opinion, PEELCO’s Vertical Wall Mount Locking Mailbox has a practical magnetic lid that would give you easy access to the mailbox with and without a key. So, you would not have to worry about your keys much now. This feature is unique and somewhat gives PEELCO a competitive edge in the market.


Have you ever experienced theft of your packages? The most effective strategy of guarding your mail is by purchasing the best security mailbox that can give peace of mind. Thus, don’t get confused and check our residential mailbox reviews to get a better one for you.

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