5 Best Home & Office Security Alarm Systems for 2019

Do you have high ranked valuables in your home? Is your office space full of computers and high-priced devices? If so, you will need a home security system that will secure all of the entry points such as windows and doors.

All of the networks of the electronic gadgets function together with a central control panel. This will protect you against burglars and intruders. You will be pleased to know that it’s very easy to set up and you don’t have to be a professional to know how to install it.

Simply place the sensors at the doors and windows that are preferably at ground level and whenever they open, it will communicate with the central control panel. In case there are intruders, the monitoring company will notify the appropriate emergency response personnel in the area. This includes police, firefighters, and paramedics.

There are numerous benefits why you should have this system secure your home:

The first being is the fact that you will be supplied with a displaying window sticker and yard signs. This will let the intruders know that there’s no point even getting close to your property as they will be caught. Thus, it removes the possibilities of additional expenses.

As well as, you can manage your house much better. For example, you can arm and disarm your security system from anywhere in the world via a web-enabled device such as your phone and tablet.

The best part about this system is the fact that you can install the majority of the automated technology yourself so you don’t have to call in a professional to set it up. The most important feature that you will need to consider is whether you want a wireless or wired system.

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5 Best Home & Office Security Alarm Systems

There are 5 top home & office security alarm systems list we made for your reference:

ItemImageBest Feature
Fortress GSM 3G/4G WiFi Security Alarm SystemThe Wi-Fi camera can be accessed anywhere you are in the world
and you can view it whenever you wish.
SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command BravoIt is easy to assemble for your home & office space.check-price-on-amazon
iSmartAlarm Preferred Home Security PackageYou can receive alerts on numerous platforms.check-price-on-amazon
Thustar Professional Wireless Home Office Security SystemThe alarm has a rating of 110dB which will scare away the intruders.check-price-on-amazon
Skylink HA-300 Long Range Household Alarm Security Systemit has the capability of a range of up to 800 feet in an open area.check-price-on-amazon


#1.  Winner:Fortress GSM 3G/4G WiFi Security Alarm System

The reason why we recommend this model is due to the fact that our tests and research have highlighted that this is one of the best on the market.

By purchasing this model, you will be offered peace of mind as you can rely on the product for numerous years to come. The Wi-Fi camera can be accessed anywhere you are in the world and you can view it whenever you wish. Due to the fact that the company cares about you, you have the guarantee of technical support 7 days a week.

In addition to this, it has been engineered with a built-in siren that can be heard from miles away in case someone tried to enter your property unauthorized.

The wireless panel is easy to use even if you’re a beginner and it’s highly responsive. The digital display will provide a two-way communication and a bright screen that can be understood even if you’re not tech savvy. The user-friendly interface will allow you to see the status of the system straight away.

On the app, you will be able to assign custom zone names, assign user permissions, and change sensor attributes. This means that this model is suitable for home and office use.

This model is suitable that want superior security. The sensors are sleek and practical and it will protect your properties for numerous years to come as they are weather-proof.

The contact sensor triggers the alarm as soon as the door is openedThe buttons have to be pushed 2 or 3 times to disarm the alarm
The infrared motion detects the room for motionLimited warranty period
You have the option for self-monitoredCustomer service team could be better
A notification will instantly appear on your phone
Comes with 99 customizable zones

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#2. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo 

If you’re looking for a model that you can easily assemble for your office space, you should consider this model. This is due to the fact that it has been engineered with 24/7 professional monitoring and power outage protection. This means that even if the there’s a power cut, you don’t have to worry about security.

In case there’s an intruder, the police will be announced straight away. In fact, the burglar can even take away the keypad in hopes to damage it. Nothing will happen as the security team will still alert the police.

You will be pleased to know that this model is a winner of CNET and PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice for home security and it protects over 2 million Americans 24/7. Thus, this proves that it’s simply one of the best. The entry sensor is designed to blend in with the décor so it will be hardly noticeable.

As well as, the motion sensor will scan the room for superior protection. Don’t worry, it will scan for intruders and not pets. Thus, it’s impossible to get false alarms.

The wireless system means that you don’t have to drill holes and call a professional to set it up. All that you will need to do is to potion the motion sensor and entry sensor and you will be good to go.

You don’t have to sign any contracts when purchasing itThe customer service team could be better
It has power outage protectionThe instructions are difficult to follow
It works with Amazon AlexaIt doesn’t work very well with T-Mobile
It’s impossible to damage the keypad
It has a superior connection

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#3. iSmartAlarm Preferred Home Security Package

If you’re looking for a cheap model where you don’t have to pay monthly contracts, you should consider this product.

It’s compatible with iPhone and Android which means that you can have access to it with your smartphone everywhere you are in the world.

In addition to this, you will be pleased to know that you can get free phone alerts, text messages, alerts, push notifications, and Email alerts. The Do-It-Yourself feature means that you can set it up without a professional need.

The app that comes at no extra price has the capability of announcing the home or office owners through phone calls, SMS message, push notifications and email when the home security detects something. Then, you will have the ability to check through the optional camera.

By double tapping, the siren on the screen, the loud and uncomfortable 110dB siren will start. This will let the intruders know that you know that you’re there and it will spook them.

The reason why this is suitable for office use is due to the fact that it’s for US and Canada only. As well as, it’s self-monitored and self-controlled which means that it won’t be checked by a team of experts.

You don’t have to pay monthly contractsYou have to self-monitor it
There are no contracts neededLimited to Canada and USA only
It’s wirelessIt doesn’t contact the police immediately
The alarm is very loud
You can receive alerts on numerous platforms

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#4. Thustar Wireless Home Office Security System 

This model is suitable to be used in homes that have babies and seniors. The reason for this is because it’s so easy to use that anyone can figure out how to press the emergency alarm button.

The notification will get through to other family members through calls and text messages. All that you will need to do is to pre-set up to 6 phone numbers and when the alarm triggers the person can record a voice recording of up to 10 seconds.

The reason why it’s so popular is that it’s very convenient. The system can be accessed internationally and when you purchase it, you don’t have to sign any contracts or pay monthly fees.

In addition to this, in case of a power shortage, the alarm panel can resist on its own for up to 8 hours. If you wish, you can recharge the Ni-Hi battery to ensure it will protect you again in case of another reoccurrence.

The loud 110dB will ensure that it can be heard from a mile away. In case it detects a forceful break-in, it will alarm the neighbors and scare away the intruders. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that it comes with a tool-free setup so you don’t have to pay a professional to assemble it.

You can record messages for up to 10 secondsIt’s made from plastic
It continues functioning in case of a power shortageThe GSM sim card is not included
You can set up to 6 phone numbersCustomer service team could be improved
It has a detection range of up to 12m
The alarm has a rating of 110dB

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#5. Skylink HA-300 Long Range Alarm Security System

This model is suitable for those who have a home and a lot of acres of land around the house. The reason for this is because it has the capability of a range of up to 800 feet in an open area.

The 2-in-1 alert and alarm mode will scare off the burglars with no hesitation. You have the freedom to choose between 3 operating modes. Choose between beeping, siren, or visual LED lights. By programming up to 16 sensors, you will ensure that nobody can get past the security system.

It has a user-friendly interface because it comes with supervised sensors which monitor the batteries and will let you know in case the communication has been lost through the indicator lights.

Thus, you will know exactly what’s going on. The wireless sensors are easy to mount and it doesn’t require any tools. Just stick it on with a double-sided tape.

You will enjoy the fact that there are no contracts to sign when you purchase this model. This means that you can get a full refund in case you’re not happy with its efficiency. In case you want a pocket-friendly model, you should consider this product.

Straightforward set-upYou do not receive notifications on your phone
Easy to use by beginnersThe audio alerts are the same for all zones
It can alert you in different waysYou cannot personalize each zone
You can connect up to 4 zones
The alarm has a rating of 95dB

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Taking all of this into consideration, we thoroughly recommend the Fortress GSM 3G/4G WiFi Security Alarm System.

The reason for this is because it does the hard work for you, you can personalize it according to your needs and the most important feature about it is the fact that you can rely on the team of experts to notify the police for you in case something happens. As well as, it’s suitable for the office and your home. Thus, you can keep your belongings safe at all times.

As you may have noticed, it’s very important to have these security systems because it’s the only way that you will be safe and secure for a long period of time.

When you’re not at home, this system is the only technology that will “keep an eye” on your precious property. You cannot rely on anything else.

Even if you ask a person close to you to check it, they will not be present all of the time so it will give the intruders an opportunity to break in. Without this system, you will basically invite the burglars in as they know it’s very difficult for them to be caught without such security system.

Even though it may not seem convenient to pay monthly subscriptions or sign contracts for some of these models, you will find it very reliable that it’s impossible for your home to get broken into.

As well as, nobody can put their hands on your hard-earned cash. After all, it’s better to pay a few bucks than to lose your whole life’s savings. They are not difficult to install and there’s no reason for you to call for a professional help as they’re very easy to set up. You can do it by yourself.

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