The Best Bluetooth Gamepad Controller for Android in 2019

If you’re a serious gamer, you should imply this to the others by considering the best Bluetooth gamepad controller. In the Journal of Ergonomic, it has been highlighted that video game controllers are much healthier than the traditional input devices.

In the eyes of many gamers, a controller has become an indispensable peripheral. Even if you don`t have a console and only game on your PC, and there`s a good reason for this. Most games nowadays are developed for consoles first and only later ported to PC.

So, the best thing to do to make sure that your gaming experience is the best it can possibly be is just to go ahead and buy a controller.

But other key differences emerge in the way of portability, button layout, and price.

So take a moment to figure out what you’re looking for a controller, then read on to see our favorite picks.

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How to choose the best gamepad controller

Design and Comfort

The feel and construction of a controller play an important role in its overall quality and usability over time. A gamepad controller should have balanced weight, smooth grips and it should feel comfortable holding it in your hands after a long period of gaming. It should also have responsive buttons and sturdy analog sticks and bumpers which facilitate heavy use.

Button and Features

Old school console-type controllers come with two analog sticks, ABXY button, a D-Pad, left and right bumpers, and triggers. In addition to this, it should have a start button, a select button, and a home button. The best controllers come with additional triggers, integrated speakers and interactive touchpads as well.

Connectivity. Wired vs Wireless

The most asked question about gamepad controllers is whether to choose a wired or wireless controller. This is a matter of preferences, as they both perform well. However, most gamers prefer Bluetooth game controllers as they are more portable and practical. Wired cords are more reliable in terms of connectivity and it`s a good choice when you play games for hours.

Best Android Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

GameSir G4s Android Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller8.5 ouncesCheck Price
Beboncool Android Wireless Game Controller8.2 ouncesCheck Price
EasySMX 2.4G Android Wireless Controller0.16 ouncesCheck Price
Bounabay Android Wireless Telescopic Bluetooth Controller Gamepad4.8 ouncesCheck Price

#1. Winner: GameSir G4s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller

GameSir 4Gs is a wireless controller for both Android and Windows. It offers an impressive amount of flexibility from supporting Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless and wired connections to offer a heap of customization this truly is the ultimate game controller.

Inside the box, you’ll get the gamepad, a micro USB charging cable, warranty card and an English instruction manual. There’s also a 2.4 GHz wireless USB adapter hidden inside the controller to stop you losing it.

GameSir have created a controller that’s reminiscent of the Xbox One. It’s attractive with a stylish silver grey and black color scheme and illuminates resin face buttons. It feels incredibly solid and has a really nice weight to it. It’s also really comfortable. When you pick it up everything sits where it should. The rubberized wings sit comfortably in the hands, and the L/R triggers cradle your fingers. It’s very natural and it feels like a well-made controller. Speaking of buttons, it has all the buttons you’d expect. There are 4 face buttons using Xbox’s XYAB Layout, dual analog sticks with L3 and R3, four shoulder buttons and start/select buttons.

There’s also a smartphone holder integrated into the unit with turbo and clear buttons hidden underneath. However, you can’t access these buttons unless the holder is open which is really awkward if you’re not using it. The holder itself holds the smartphone well but it was a little shallow for our testing Samsung Galaxy S7 when it was in its case. So, a little bit too much jostling would cause the phone to slip out. Lastly, there are battery status LEDs on the front of the unit and a micro USB port around the top for charging the controller’s inbuilt 800 mAh power battery.

As we mentioned before the GameSir G4s is massively flexible. For starters, it supports Windows and Android through an impressive number of modes. You can also connect the controller wirelessly via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless, using the included USB adapter or via wide USB connection. This means you’re pretty much covered for any connection you need. It also supports X input which is typically used for modern games and D input for all the PC titles which very few controllers can actually do. There’s even a mouse mode allowing you to move your cursor and click without taking your hands off the controller.

GameSir really has thought of everything. Considering it’s solid build quality, comfortable design, and customizability, GameSir G4s is our top pick for the best gamepad controller.

Detachable smartphone clip mountFirmware updates are required for best performance
18-hour battery lifePoor manual documentation
Double shock vibration
Quality materials
Professional gaming experience

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#2. BEBONCOOL Android Wireless Game Controller

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth gamepad is quite similar to XBOX 360 gamepad. It is a well-built controller which can compete against big brands. It has a good size and it can fit in your pocket. What’s more portable than that? Definitely, the best gamepad when you’re traveling.

The pad feels really nice when holding in your hands, it has a balanced weight, not too light but not too heavy either. It features the usual controls and buttons. It comes with two clickable analog sticks which are resistant. They are not overly sensitive and they provide good precision. The D-pad on the controller is smooth and it is placed the way that it fits for all types of hand sizes.

The XYAB buttons of the gaming have a smooth comfortable surface, they have a good return rate but the only inconvenience is that they are placed kind of close to the start and select button. This is an issue to most of the gamers since you can accidentally exit your game.

L1, R1, L2, and R2 are placed the same way as they’re placed on an Xbox controller. L2 and R2 buttons are being spring loaded, they feature a slight curve which improves comfort.

In the middle, there’s a pad with an adjustable phone clip which is able to fold down. It covers the micro USB charge port when it’s not used. The pad is able to phones up to 5.5-inch. As mentioned before, the pad features a micro USB port which has multiple uses. First one is for charging the built-in 400 mAh battery. It takes 2-3 hours for a full charge and it lasts up to 8 hours of continuous gaming. The port is also used to transform the gamepad into a wired Windows gamepad for PC.

Another important feature of this unit is the Bluetooth connectivity. It can be paired with multiple devices such as Android TV Boxed, Mobile Phones,  and Windows PCs. Pairing is done by pressing the Home button and X button simultaneously. The LED on the pad will keep blinking when the device is ready for pairing with a phone/tablet. The Bluetooth gamepad will appear as B02 on your other device.

In the package, there is a QR code which is used to download the BEBONCOOL companion app. The app offers you access to over 300 standards and VR games, all being compatible with the gamepad. You will also have access to a lot of documentation start guides, FAQ’s, user forums and technical support staff.

Wrapping up, this product is a decent choice for an upgrade and we definitely recommend this product for mainstream gamers.

Low price tagOnly one set of L/R triggers
Built-in smartphone clip mountSo-so build quality
Compact and pocketable designSegmented D-pad has too much travel

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#3. EasySMX USB Wired Game Controller

This controller is possibly one of the cheapest wireless controllers you can possibly buy. With one look at the packaging kind of accentuates that point. It’s about as simple as you can get. It contains one controller, a receiver and a setup guide.

The appearance of the device is actually largely similar to the Xbox 360 controller. However, this controller doesn’t come with any light-up buttons, for obvious reasons, if it’s wireless you’re going to put batteries in it, and having anything light up on the controller is going to drain the battery life.

The feel of the device is basically what you’d expect for a start controller. It’s made almost entirely out of plastic with a thin layer of soft-touch material on either side of the controller. The face buttons are actually really good. They feel exactly like a standard Xbox 360 controller, which for a long time was the standard when it comes to console peripherals.

The start and select buttons, however, are definitely too small and kind of hard to actuate completely. They don’t take a whole lot of force but they do have to be pressed almost entirely down. The triggers are arguably the most important part and the overall feel pretty good, but for a pro controller, we would appreciate a bit more travel. The travel distance on this unit is pretty minimal which for a first-person shooter game is perfectly fine.

If you don’t have access to a wireless controller or you plan to use this for additional devices such as PS4 or an Android device, this may be the product for you. Additionally, the minimalist design with a choice of two popular color options is likely to match any setup.

AffordableThe case is made mostly of plastic
Minimalist and clean designSome buttons are small
Similar to the Xbox 360 controller
Good for inexperienced gamers
Connects with PS4 and Android devices

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#4. Bounabay Wireless Telescopic Bluetooth Controller Gamepad

In the package, you get the controller, a little velvet carrying case to protect the gamepad, a micro USB charging cable, two little sticky silicon pads, and dongle. The dongle is automatically mapping all the controller buttons for certain games. To use it, it’s going to require an Android phone or rooted android tablet.

It’s compatible with the Android 4.4 or above and IOS 7.1.2 and above. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has 300 mAh battery which does not disappoint. The play time estimate is of 80 hours. We didn`t recharge it after we opened it, we went right to play and test it. It didn’t need to be charged and after a week’s worth of use, we still haven’t charged it. We think that the 75-80 hours estimated is right on the money.

The controller features a telescopic bracket between the left and right control clusters where you mount your phone. The telescopic supports devices up to 6-inches wide. However, it was kind of difficult fitting a Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus in the controller while it had its minimalistic case on. It was too think and it wouldn`t sit inside the side framing the wait it was intended.

The controller supports four action buttons XYAB, four bumper buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2), start, select, two thumbsticks and a 4-way directional pad. Just to note on those thumbsticks, they do not have the L3 and R3 buttons like you would see on some Dual Shock controllers, the Xbone One controllers or some other android game controllers.

The major feature of the controller, the telescopic bracket utilizes springs and a series of smaller plastic housings with a metallic core to accomplish its goal. The design works well enough but it falls short in the stability department. The rubber pads that come with it definitely help though. You`re supposed to use it on the sides to keep it from hitting top mounted power buttons on phones.

In conclusion, the controller has a nice quality feel. The buttons feel great to press and the battery life is out of this world. It lets you play for days without needing to recharge it and with only 2-3-hour recharge time, your downtime in between gaming sessions is minimal.

Telescopic bracket design holds your phoneHard to play some games with vertical screen orientation
Very compact designFinicky shoulder buttons
Solid battery lifePoor documentation

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It’s important to highlight that you don’t have to go broke in order to find the right model for your needs. If you’re a serious gamer, we advise that you consider purchasing the GameSir 4Gs controller as it has been designed with numerous features that you can enjoy for numerous years. In addition to this, you will receive a large number of accessories which means that you don’t have to invest further into the product. Thus, if you want to save some money, this is a great choice.

On the other hand, many of these controllers are compatible with PC and iOS as well, allowing you to use them for an even wider selection of games.

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