7 Best Bicycle Ceiling Storage Products

If you live in a small home or want to get your bicycles off the garage floor, a bicycle storage product is your answer. These products feature a range of storage options, including ceiling and wall storage for your garage, house or apartment. With a durable garage ceiling bike storage or wall storage option, you can hoist your bicycle off the ground or mount it to the wall.

When it comes to bicycle storage, you must select a product that is durable and secure. You do not want your bike to fall from the ceiling or damage your wall. Secure wall hanging bike racks that feature rubber or vinyl hooks can keep your bicycles safe and free up space in your home or garage. The following products are the top choices for overhead bike storage and wall storage.

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7 Best Bicycle Ceiling Storage Products

#1. RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift 

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The overhead bike storage lifts from RAD Cycle Products are strong and smooth lifts that suspend your bikes in your garage. I chose this product because it comes is a two-pack and holds bicycles up to 100lbs. The lift mechanism for this bicycle ceiling hanger is easy to use and the lift locks in place to prevent accidents. You can easily store your bicycles out of the way and free up more space in your garage with this space-saving bike storage garage solution. This product belongs to the rope locking mechanism class and uses pulleys to keep your bicycles in place.

Is it ok to hang bikes from the ceiling?
It is safe to hang your bikes from the ceiling with the proper equipment. Using vinyl or rubber-coated hooks, like the ones on this product, keep your bike safe from scratches. You should only hang bikes from the ceiling in your garage. Using other ceilings in your home or apartment is not as secure to hold the weight of your bike. Check that your bicycle ceiling lift can support the weight of your bicycle before purchasing it.

● 2-pack holds 2 bicycles● Limited to ceilings up to 12-feet tall
● 100lbs capacity● Complex installation process
● Easy pulley system
● Secure locking mechanism
● Rubber hooks protect bikes
● Overhead bike storage

#2. CARTMAN Utility Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

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This bicycle ceiling lift mounts on the ceiling to keep bikes out of the way. The steel construction makes this a very durable product to keep your bicycles secure. I included this product because it is easy to install, and it accommodates up to two bikes. This is a great solution for garage ceiling bike storage that is safe and durable.

The pulley system makes it easy to secure your bike to the ceiling and get it down whenever you want to go for a ride. The ropes used to hoist the bicycle are thick and high-quality. There are rubber hooks to hold your bike in place, so it does not slip or get scratched.

● 2-pack to hold 2 bicycles● Limited to ceilings up to 12-feet tall
● Easy pulley system● Only holds up to 50lbs.
● Rubber hooks protect bikes● Requires an additional wooden board to install
● Easy installation process
● Overhead bike storage

#3. RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift

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This product is perfect for lifting heavy bikes and getting them out of the way. The RAD Cycle Products bicycle ceiling storage lift has a smooth pulley system that is easy to use. I chose this product because it features fully adjustable hooks. You can use the same hoist for different sized bikes. The heavy aluminum is durable and holds up to 75lbs. This product can easily store a variety of bicycles and offers a secure bicycle ceiling storage option.

This hoist and ladder lift can be mounted horizontally or parallel to the ceiling joists to accommodate your space. The locking mechanism keeps your bicycles secure and the rubber hooks protect bikes from scratches. This product is a great space-saving bike storage garage solution for any sized bike or garage.

● Easy pulley system● Limited to ceilings up to 12-feet tall
● Rubber hooks protect bikes● Only holds up to 75lbs
● Easy installation process
● Durable heavy aluminum
● Fully adjustable hooks

#4. PHUNAYA 2pcs Wall Mount Bike Hanger

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This easy-to-use wall hanging bike rack can store your bicycle almost anywhere. The hooks are simple to install and feature a folding design that can save space in your garage or home. I picked this bicycle wall bracket because it is perfect for indoor use. If you do not have a garage to store your bike in, this product offers a vertical bike rack for apartments. You can easily set up the road bike wall mount in seconds and get your bike up and out of the way.

How do you store a bike in a small apartment?

The easiest way to store your bike in a small apartment or home is to hang it up. Products like the bike hanger from PHUNAYA offer an easy way to hang your bike on the wall and fold the hanger up when it’s not in use. You can hang your bicycle on the wall and turn it into a decorative piece or keep it in an unused nook in your home.

When it comes to storing your bicycle inside, you want a secure vertical bike rack for apartments. This will keep your walls from getting damaged and protect your bicycle from falling. Check the weight limits on a bicycle wall mount before purchasing so you can ensure it supports your specific bicycle.

● Quick installation● Only holds up to 68lbs
● Perfect for apartments and indoor use● Must be used on a wall, not safe for ceilings
● Rubber hooks to protect your bike● No pulleys to help lift the weight of the bike
● Folding design to save space

#5. Zero Gravity Racks Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack

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The Zero Gravity Racks bike rack offers the perfect way to make efficient use of your space. The wall hanging bike rack uses a gas strut system to raise and lower bicycles without a lot of effort. I included this product because it is easy to install in less than 20 minutes and it supports up to 50lbs. The adjustable frame accommodates any size and shape of a bicycle, making this the perfect vertical bike rack for apartments. You can securely mount your bike to the way, and easily raise or lower it whenever you are ready to use your bike.

Is it ok to store bikes vertically?

With the bicycle wall bracket from Zero Gravity Racks, you can store your bike vertically or horizontally. Storing your bike vertically takes up the least amount of space in your home or garage. If you purchase a sturdy bicycle rack that supports the weight of your bike, you can safely store your bike vertically. This space-saving option is also more secure because it evenly distributes the weight of your bike against a flat wall.

● Quick installation● Only holds up to 50lbs
● Gas strut system for easy raising and lowering● Needs a flat wall for leverage
● Space saving
● Adjustable frame to accommodate all types of bicycles

#6. HARKEN Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist

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The garage store ceiling hoist product from HARKEN is easy to use the bike pulley system to keep your bicycles off the ground and out of the way. I included this product because the bicycle ceiling lift can be installed and used by just one person. The design of the bicycle ceiling hanger distributes weight evenly, so anyone can use the product despite the weight of their bike. The self-locking grips keep the ropes secure, so the bike does not accidentally release and fall.

This product features a durable braided rope on the overhead bike storage device, so it lasts longer. It can hold up to 45lbs. and installs with just a four-point hoist system. This garage ceiling bike storage solution uses a one-point pulley system, but it will still keep your bike from spinning or rotating while it is suspended in the air. If you need a quick and easy overhead bike storage option, this product is your answer.

● Quick installation● Only holds up to 45lbs
● One-point pulley● Rachet may wear out over time
● No spinning or rotating
● Easily operated by one person
● Durable rope and hardware
● Self-locking grips for security

#7. Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack

This wall hanging bike rack can hold up to six bikes. I chose this product because it has a capacity of 300lbs. and mounts on the wall of your home or garage. This bike rack is easy to install and comes with all of the necessary hardware. It is a great space-saving bike storage garage solution if your entire family enjoys riding bikes. The road bike wall mount will get all of your bicycles off the floor and out of the way.

The Ultrawall bicycle is powder-coated so it does not rust or chip. The sleeves are rubber-coated so they do not scratch your bicycles. This bicycle wall rack is perfect for storing the whole family’s bikes in a way that keeps them off the ground and frees up space. You can also use this bike rack to hold outdoor tools and equipment. It is the perfect space-saving product for your bicycles.

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● All installation equipment is included● Must find studs in the wall
● Holds 6 bikes and up to 300lbs● Takes up a lot of wall space
● Rust and chip resistant
● Removable hooks to adjust the space between hooks


If you are looking for a way to get your bike off the floor and out the way, you need a durable bicycle ceiling lift or wall hanging bike rack. Out of all of the products on this list, the Zero Gravity Racks is my top recommendation. The bicycle wall bracket is easy to install and extremely durable. It will keep your bike out of the floor and secure against any wall. It is a rather affordable option and a great space-saving bike storage garage solution.

However, if you need a product that fits a smaller budget, the HARKEN Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist is your best choice. The hoist is easy to use and secures your bike to the ceiling. You can install the bicycle ceiling lift in just minutes and the durable ropes ensure it will last for quite a while.

Research the various options for bicycle ceiling hangers and wall hanging bike racks to determine which option is best for you. You need a garage ceiling bike storage solution or bicycle wall bracket that accommodates the size and shape of your bicycle. You also need to consider your space to decide if a lift or bracket is best for your home or garage. Once you find the right solution, your bicycle will be out of the way and securely stored in your apartment or garage.

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