The Best Camping Tent for 2 Person (4 Selected and 1 is the Winner)

If you’re relatively new to camping or hiking and have no idea how to correctly set up a 2 person camping tent, then a pop up camping tent might be the best option for you.

They’re recommended if you’re only a rare camper or maybe you’re just camping out in the backyard late at night. Bearing that in mind, we’ve come up with a review of 2 person camping tents to try and figure out which one is the best tent for your needs.

Many of the models below have built-in structures generally achieved from fiberglass. This is flexible yet strong and keeps weight down.

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The Best Camping Tent for 2 Person of 2018

#1. Night Cat Camping Tent

This 2 person camping tent is a quick and easy to pitch a tent, ideal for weekend breaks and touring camping.

Combining a generously proportioned sleeping area with a peaked porch, the tent provides comfortable accommodation for couples or small groups on the campsite.

Its portable construction features durable yet lightweight fiberglass poles that ensure an optimum balance of strength and stability with a low weight. The tents structure combined with fully adjustable and reflective guide ropes, also ensures it will stand strong in windy conditions.

Once set up, the tent offers generous head height for increased comfort, a large mesh window with an adjustable cover on the back provides excellent airflow through the tent and also gives a view of your surroundings. The large door with mesh ensures easy entry and exit.

For extra protection from heavy jus or unexpected drew or unexpected rain showers the tent features a protective fly sheet. The tough and durable polyethylene groundsheet has welded seams to ensure a dry and bug-free interior. The peace of mind, all fabrics are fire retardant.

Storage pockets along with lighting loops make it easy to keep the tent tidy and organized while the power cord vent allows you to run power inside the tent to operate some extra home comforts. Easy to pitch can be effortlessly set up in around five minutes.

Remove from the bag, lay out the tent then loosely peg out the four corners. Assemble the fiberglass poles and insert the two long poles into the pole sleeves. The pole sleeves cross at the top of the tent. Insert the pins into the pole ends on one side, then push to form the dome and insert the pins into the other ends of the poles.

Clip the tent to the poles. Lay out the fly sheet. Put the last pole through the velcro tabs and place the ends into the webbing pockets. Take the flysheet over the tent. Attach the fly sheets velcro tabs to the poles to secure and then hook to the ring at ground level.

Tension and tighten the pegs if required and then peg out the two guidelines. Finally, add the doormat and secure with pegs.

SturdyNot waterproof
Design looks good
Easy zipper access on both sides with breathable window zippers

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#2. Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is the perfect partner for festivals, multistop holidays and weekend trips.

It offers instant comfort and convenience on the campsite thanks to the fastpitch pop-up structure. Pitched in less than one minute, Coleman`s fiberglass poles pop into shape once removed from its carry bag and elastic strap.

To set up, take the tent out of the bag and remove the elastic strap. Open up and the tent will pop up into the correct structure. Peg down the tent using the webbing loops and then peg the adjustable guide ropes pegging at degrees for stability.

Once pitched, the tent offers comfortable outdoor accommodation. Sturdy fiberglass poles combined with a stable tunnel construction ensure the tend stands strong in all weathers.

Heavy rain is no match for the polyester flysheet which boasts a hydrostatic head of 2.000 mm, as well as taped seams to keep you dry. The tents fabrics are also fire retardant for greater peace of mind.

For maximum airflow inside the tent, the Coleman 2 person camping tent features a removable roof panel. It provides multiple ventilation options, from open sides to a fully open roof which is also perfect for stargazing on warmer nights.

The tents double layer door also adds ventilation when required. While the mesh ensures that bugs are kept outside, valuables and small items can be placed in the interior pockets.

Setting down the tent is equally easy. Remove the pegs, gather the tent poles at the top. Lift on its end then push down and tuck in the sides. Pull over the elastic strap and you’re ready to put it back in the bag.

Pre-assembled poles for easy 10-second setup Round pack shape so no good for a backpacking adventure but fine for the trunk
Multi-position rain fly
Taped Seams
Made of fire retardant material
Extremely quick to set up

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#3. Techcell 2 Person Tent Camping Instant Tent

This tent is the perfect companion for short camping trips, touring breaks or even festivals.

It’s exceptionally quick and simple to pitch thanks to its tunnel construction and the ring and pin pitching system.

Even though the tent has a compact size, there’s plenty of space for 2 campers and their camping gears. The bedrock has a sturdy fiberglass pole which provides an ideal balance of strength and weight.

The tent PU coated polyester flysheet with taped seams has a hydrostatic head of 3.000 mm keeping even the worst rain out, while the durable PE groundsheet ensures a dry bug-free sleeping environment.

The inner tent is made from breathable polyester and ultrafine mesh to ensure that even the smallest bugs are kept at bay.

While the ventilation panel allows you to manage the interior air flow helping to reduce the risk of condensation and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent. For increased peace of mind, all tent fabrics are fire retardant.

Practical pockets make it easy to keep small items organized and close to hand on the campsite. The bedrock`s easy to pitch structure allows for an extremely quick and effortless setup in around 5 minutes.

Roll out the inner tent and then peg the corners as anchoring points. Assemble the fiberglass pole, push the pole through the poles sleeve and insert the pin into the pole end. Arc and place the pin into the other end. Clip the inner to the pole. Ensure that the door`s shut then tension and square up the inner.

Take the flysheet over and tie to the pole with the fabric tabs. Peg down the flysheet starting at the front and working backward. Extend and peg out the adjustable guidelines.

Pegging at 45 degrees for maximum wind resistance. The Techcell 2 person camping tent, is a compact tent which offers comfort on the campsite.

Affordable Not very tall
Easy to set up
Features a bag

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#4. Wakeman Outdoors 2-Person Tent

This tent is the perfect partner on multi-stop and weekend hiking, offering fast comfort and convenience on the campsite thanks to the instant tent system.

Pitched in only 1 minute this 2 person hiking tent features a revolutionary design where sturdy poles are attached to the tent and the spider-like construction makes pitching effortless and fast.

To set up, unclip and remove the tent from the carry bag and lay it out on the ground. Fold the poles out then lift up the middle hub. The dry sheet is already pre-attached to the poles so there`s no need for any flysheet clips.

Extend the bottom pole sections until they click into place. Peg down the corners of the tent. If ope, close the door before continuing to guide out. Peg out and adjust the reflective guidelines following the pole line for maximum support.

Once pitched the Wakeman Outdoors 2-person camping tent offers a comfortable space on the campsite. Promising outstanding weather protection, this model has a combination of strong and sturdy fiberglass and steel poles combined with a wind stable construction to ensure it stands strong in all weather.

Heavy rain is no match for the polyester flysheet with a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm, as well as taped seams to keep you dry. The flysheet is also fire retardant for greater peace of mind. The tough and durable polyethylene groundsheet ensures a dry and bug-free interior.

The tent has a large door for greater convenience and features a full-length gusset to prevent rain from entering the tent through the zip. Valuables and small items can be placed in the rear pocket.

Setting down the tent is equally easy. Remove the pegs. Then remove the flysheet clips attached to the poles. Push in the pole locking pins. Retract all the poles then flatten the tent.

Push the button in the pole knuckle and fold poles up, and then down into the center. Bring all the poles into the center. Place into the carry bag and clip in place. The Wakeman Outdoors 2 person hiking tent is a great choice for instant comfortable accommodation.

Super super lightweightOnly one entrance - so not much breeze when its cooking at night
Packs tinySmall chimney - again, not so good for getting a breeze thru the tent
Construction is basic enough - setup is cool. Anything can be fixed with duct tape
Lighter color keeps temps down with sunlight
Floor section is waterproof

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What should you consider before buying a Tent?

Easy setup tents

The clue’s in the name, ‘Pop-up’. Many people buy this type of tent totally for the ease of setup. Certainly, many consumers of this product won’t be regular campers and the tent might be used for a one-off event. Perhaps a festival or a single night out camping under the stars.

To be recognized as a pop-up tent we think it should be possible to unpack and get the tent fully up and staked out in less than 1-2 minutes. Some camping tents in this review can be fully set up in less than a minute.

Taking the tent down

While some pop-up tents score well on the setup time they really lack the ability to be packed fast. Part of the reason festival grounds is littered with abandoned tents the morning after is because they’re very difficult to pack away!

Season Rating

3-season shelters are the most popular backpacking tents and the style we’re focusing on in this guide. They’re built for spring, summer, and fall trips where you’ll need to keep bad weather out while promoting ventilation, which helps keep interior condensation to a minimum. 3-Season tents can usually handle a little snow, but they’re not made for heavy snow and winter conditions.


Will you be camping alone, with friends or a significant other? Most pop up tents on the market are to accommodate 1-4 persons. Yes, there are larger models but most are for this group size. So before buying think carefully about the number of persons and how much gear you have to fit in.

Center Height

Closely related to size is the center height of the tent. A small pop up dome tent with a height tall enough to stand in is a rare thing indeed. More than likely you might be OK to sit up in or at best stoop in. So if you are tall then check the center height specification.


Pop up tents aren’t strictly backpacking tents but there’s still an expectation for them to be light and compact. You should be looking at tents weighing in the region of 5-9lbs. Do bear in mind that delicacy can be at the expense of quality material specification.


Pop up tents will most likely be made of nylon or polyester. Both are strong and light but have different air flow and waterproof capabilities. You’ll want to check that it’s been given a UV coating to protect against the suns rays. Furthermore that the material has been coated with polyurethane (PU) in the factory. This will provide a reasonable amount of protection in wet weather.


In case you’re on a journey to go on an adventure with your family or friends in the outdoors, it’s essential that you make a good camping checklist and find the right camping and hiking tents for your needs.

The reason for this is because even though you’re outside, you still want to feel comfortable. This is why we recommend the Night Cat camping tent because the tent durable construction features large mesh panels for enhanced air circulation and a more comfortable interior temperature. Thus, you will be ensured a comfortable sleep without tossing and turning.

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