9 Best Ski Goggles for 3-Year-Old Kids

When you’re looking for a pair of goggles for your kids, all you have to do is to look for goggles that are going to mimic the shape of adult goggles. However, they aren’t going to have all the specs and features as adult goggles. It makes sense since kids really only need the basics.

ItemImageBest Feature
UShake Kid Ski Goggles
Comfortable – The main characteristic of UShake Kid Ski Goggles is that they are extremely lightweight and comfortable. Due to the 100% anti-UV double lenses, your kid will benefit from an increased secure and comfortable fit.
Gonex Kids Ski Goggles
Removable lenses – You can replace the lenses accordingly to the weather conditions you face.
Copozz Kids Ski Goggles
Durable – With super hardening technology and enhanced anti-scratch performance, these kids snow goggles are more durable than many other models out there on the market.
OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles
Design – These ski goggles are a great choice for your kid. Quality goggles with a stylish design.
Gordini Little G2 Goggle

Variety of colors – These goggles come in 17 different colors and styles for both boys and girls and your kid will definitely love these ones.
Anon Girls' Tracker Googles
Internal Clarity Technology – this feature enables a clear view for your kid in any weather condition
Giro Kid's Grade Snow Goggle

Multipurpose use – The Giro Grade Kids Snow Goggle is a multipurpose use product. With this model, your kid can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing or paintballing.
POC Sports Pocito Retina Goggles
Triple Layer face Foam – These kids snow goggles are ultra comfortable and provide warmth to your kid’s face. It also creates a seal on their face so cold air won’t get inside the goggles.

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List of Ski Goggles for 3-Year-Old Kids

#1. UShake Kid Ski Goggles

The Ushake Kids snowboard goggles are good quality goggles and are comfortable. The frames are flexible so they’ll be more comfortable to wear for the little ones.

An advantage of the TPU flexible frame is that it adapts easily to any face for a more comfortable fit. There’s also no silicone on the straps so just be careful about that and make sure they are the right size so they don’t tend to slip off.

They also have triple-layer face foam which features moisture-wicking Dri-Force Fleece so they are going to be really comfortable.

The UShake Kid Ski Goggles come with 100% anti-UV double lenses offering extra protection for your kid. In addition to this, the lenses are also anti-scratch and anti-fog. These goggles feature plenty of vents which is really great to help prevent with fogging.

The UShake Kid Ski goggles are some of the best kids goggles on the market and they will definitely be the best bang for the buck.

LightweightSimple design
100% anti-UV protection

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#2. Gonex Kids Ski Goggles

The Gonex Kids Ski Goggles are a great option for kids aged 3 to 8. These goggles improve the color definition of your kids’ skiing experience and can be used in any weather condition.

They have removable lenses and you can put different lenses on if you’re going at night, if it’s foggy or if it’s clear.

These ski goggles for children have 100% anti-UV400 protection lenses that don’t fog up inside at all. Also, the foam is really nice, it’s a three-layer foam and there’s a nice felt layer that goes against your skin so it doesn’t give your kid a rash or anything.

Due to the venting system on each frame, it facilitates directional airflow thereby reducing the chances of moist getting on the inside of the lenses.

The Gonex Kids Ski Goggles for kids are also compatible with any snow helmet from Gonex and they never let us down when it comes to kids snowboard goggles.

Great caseNo Anti-scratch
Good quality for the price
Good material
Great fit for 3-8 years old kids
100% anti_UV protection

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#3.Copozz Kids Ski Goggles

This pair is one of the best kids ski goggles that are suitable for junior skiers and snowboarders. This is a safe choice for your kid because it is compatible with any snow helmet on the market.

These ski goggles come with dual-layers that are more resistant to impact than one layer goggles. And the model features an extremely flexible TPU frame that can be folded in two pieces and restored to its original form at any time.

With Copozz ski goggles for children, you get better anti-fog performance due to the smart+ ventilation system and anti-fog inner lens. Like the previous models, this one also comes with 100% UV protection to defend your kid’s delicate eyes from UV rays.

Designed with ease of use in mind, this goggle is easy to use for kids. It comes with with a free protection carrying pouch and instructions for easy care and maintenance.

Modern OTG (Over the glasses) DesignLens are hard to remove for a kid
Quality lens
High SPF
Increased UV protection

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#4. Bolle Amp Goggles

This is a nice soft pliable google aged between 3 and 6, so obviously it is pretty robust and strong.

It is also nice and flexible when being worn. Some of the features we have with these, from a couple events at the bottom and also along the top, it just maximize the amount of air that can flow through the goggle, so it prevents any fogging and also any condensation it could build up.

There is also a nice amount of foam around the eye section as well, they’re going to be nice and comfortable. It comes with an elasticated strap which is also fully adjustable as well so your kid gets a nice tight fit around the head when he got the goggle on.

In addition, this snowboard goggles got a tinted lens that is great for all types of weather conditions and they can offer great visibility and also great depth perception. And it’s also got 100% UV protection on it as well, so obviously going to keep their eyes nicely protected when they’ve got the goggle on.

Overall, this model has a nice lightweight, durable design and is great for any kid learning to ski or snowboard.

DurableNo anti-scratch
100% UV protection
Beginner friendly
Great visibility

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#5. OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles

If you are looking for style, quality, and sophistication, then the OutdoorMaster Kids Snowboard Goggles are the perfect ski goggles for children.

These higher quality goggles are built of durable material linked with a creative design that denotes style. The regular warranty policy also states that any non-intentional damage of the goggles guarantees a replacement.

The lenses offer 100% UV protection during winter sports while offering a bright eyesight for users all day long.

In addition to the above specifications, these goggles feature a secure ventilation system. Therefore, these goggles are also safe when it comes to fogging up and they should be on your to-buy list goggles for your child.

100% UV protectionThe lenses are not multicolored
Good vision
Compatible with snow helmets
Replacement of product when it breaks

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#6. Gordini Little G2 Goggles

This model has a unique and stylish design which probably makes the goggles popular on the marketplace for the best kids ski goggles.

These goggles are a great fit for both boys and girls with age between 3 and 6 years old. This model is also compatible with almost all snow helmets.

The Gordini Little G2 Goggles offer 100% UV protection against UV rays while the anti-glare feature of the lenses minimizes the chances of ski accidents.

They are available in a variety of colors to fit perfectly with your kid’s ski gear, and they work great for both boys and girls.

100% UV protectionLenses is a little flimsy
Anti-glare lenses
Cool design

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#7. Anon Girls’ Tracker Googles

The Anon Tracker is an affordable pair of goggles for girls and it works pretty well for snowboarding.

One thing you’ll love about this model is that it comes with loads of options in terms of style and lens color.

Speaking of design, there are 5 different choices that are ideal for your little girl. You can even get one with cartoon characters on the strap. You can have different lens options too. No matter what conditions your child faces out there, Anon Tracker will keep them protected.

This model features a dual layer face foam which keeps cold air out. Due to the TPU lightweight frame, these goggles won`t break in case of being hit. Another important feature of this model is the ventilation system which is 100% anti-fog.

5 different stylesGirls model only
100% anti-fog
100% UV Protection

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#8. Giro Grade Snow Goggles

The Giro Grade Snow Goggles are perfect for children above the age of 3 years. The goggles have a strap length of (9.6”-18.7”), a width of 6.7” (170mm) and 2.5” (65mm) height.

The durable lenses have a double layer face foam with a fleece liner that’s very comfortable, creating a thermal limit while at the same time giving a deeper view for children while skiing.

And the anti-glare characteristic of the lenses protects your kids’ eyes from the direct glare of the UV rays. The elastic belt strap can be customized to suit your needs and is built to suit most of the snow helmets.

These goggles are destined for multipurpose usage. Whether your children are skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing or paintballing, this model offers the best value for the money.

100% UV protectionCompatibility with Giro Snow Helmets
Replacement of product when it breaks

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#9. POC Sports Pocito Retina Goggles

POC creates some of the most popular adult ski goggles, but they also offer a great range of children ski goggles called the POCito.

The POCito is really geared toward kids aged 3-9 but this product can also be used for toddlers.

These original goggles use the same polycarbonate lens that several other good goggles do, but we have always remarked that the POC design tends to give a bit more facial coverage which can be especially nice for that skiing in areas where wind or cold tend to be more of a factor.

The anti-fog feature tends to work well and last for a long period, and the color options are fun for children — including a bright orange and bright pink in the last model year.  One tip – which these goggles work well all-around, it tends to be at its best when combined with the POC kids ski helmet.

That’s definitely a good option to consider, especially when it comes with a one year warranty at an affordable price.

100% UV protectionCan be small for some types of helmets
Quality materials
Cool design
Nice color option

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All of the products mentioned have been designed for children aged between 3 and 14 years old. They are capable of resisting for numerous years to come so they prove to be an investment. We recommend the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles due to the fact that it has been designed to keep your child safe from UV rays during winter sports and it’s also safe when it comes to fogging up and they should be on your to-buy list goggles for your child.

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