Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

You may know already that you don’t need numerous things to take with you when hiking. However, waterproof hiking boots are the most important gear. This is why when you’re preparing for your trip, you have to make a good choice. Without the best hiking boots for men, you will risk developing blisters, strained muscles, and scrunched toes. Thus, you will end up being slowed down due to the pain.

Since we care about your needs, our team of experts has created a thorough review that will inform you of waterproof hiking boots for men. We have handpicked the models that are worthy of your time and efforts. We have spent numerous hours choosing the right pair so all you will need to do to is to sit back and relax.

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Important Features To Consider

Traction – This is one of the most important features for numerous reasons. Imagine if you’re walking along a path with shifting gravel. If your feet slip, there’s a possibility that you will sprain or break your ankle. In case the shoes you’re wearing have superior traction, you can rely on them to walk whatever surface there is. This is due to the fact that it’s impossible for you to fall.

Material – As you will be walking for hours and many miles, it’s inevitable that your feet will sweat especially if you’re walking on a warm day. This is why it’s essential that the material will allow the excess moisture to escape so it doesn’t get trapped inside. If the sweat has nowhere to escape, it will soften the skin and you will develop blisters.

Ankle Support – The reason why this is important is due to the fact that you want to minimize getting injured as much as you can. If the footwear isn’t laced tightly around your ankles and if it doesn’t absorb the shock as you walk, your ankle will be put under a lot of pressure. Therefore, it will prevent you from walking for as long as you wish.

Sole – Due to the fact that you want to be comfortable, you want the sole to be well-cushioned and puncture-proof. This way, you won’t feel the rocks in case you step on them. As well as, a high-quality sole will be more flexible so you can walk on a range of terrains. Lastly, they will last longer.

Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

Timberland Men's Ankle BootLeather7-14Dark Brown, Black, Wheat, GuachoCheck Price
LM Men's Rubber Sole Winter BootsLeather Upper Balance Man Made7-13Brown, Black, Wheat, 2017 Black, 2017 WheatCheck Price
Merrell Men's Moab Hiking BootSuede Leather/Mesh7-15Earth, Granite, Beluga, Dusty Olive, Castle, Brindle, WalnutCheck Price
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II BootLeather7-17Graphite, Royal
Nori, Dark Banana
Cordovan, Squash

Check Price

#1. Timberland Men’s Ankle Boot

This model has been created with a seam-sealed full-grain leather upper which will keep your feet dry even if you’re walking in waters, muddy, or wet conditions. As well as, it has a removable dual density EVA footbed which will allow the air to circulate properly.

Therefore, it’s impossible for you to develop blisters. In addition to this, the padded collar and tongue will ensure comfort whilst providing safety for your ankles.

The most notable feature about this footwear is the fact that it has a durable rubber outsole with superior motion efficiency. This means that the lungs are innovatively positioned to follow your foot and the 4 natural motions. This includes braking, support, flexing, and propelling. In other words, this has one of the best traction systems there is on the market. Therefore, you will be able to walk for longer as you will be safe.

You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to lace the shoes too tightly. You can do the usual lacing system as the tongue relieves the lace pressure so you don’t feel restricted. As well as, you don’t have to stop often to get the rocks out as it’s impossible for debris and dirt to get inside of the shoes.

There are 6 colors availableThe upper body is prone to detach from the top
It comes in half sizesLimited warranty period
The model is made from rubberThe rivets could be improved
It’s suitable for people with wide feet
It’s designed with hooks for secure lacing


Taking all of these features into consideration, you do have to bear in mind that depending on your shoe size, it may cost more. Regardless, if you want comfort and practicality, you should consider this pair.

#2. LM Men’s Rubber Sole Winter Boots

In case you’re looking for a pair of men’s hiking shoes that are waterproof and slip-resistant, you should consider this pair.

You will be pleased to know that unlike Timberland, you will be able to wear these as casual or work shoes. This is due to the fact that they have a stylish color and they do not look like the typical hiking shoes. As well as, they’re lightweight which means that it won’t add excess weight to your feet.

The rubber outsole will ensure an excellent traction system so it’s impossible for you to slip on a muddy surface. This is exactly like Timberland. What these have different, is the neoprene lining which will ensure that your feet will also be kept warm in case you want to use them in winter.

In addition to this, it has been highlighted that you can wear these with socks. You do have to remember that unlike Timberland, the footbed is not removable. Thus, you cannot wear thick socks. As well as, you have to be careful when you clean the shoes inside.

The traction is superiorNot suitable for people with wide feet
Numerous styles availableLimited ankle support
The model is made from rubberThe sole is stiff
It comes in half sizes
Fast lacing system


When compared to the Timberland model, these will ensure safety whilst limiting the comfort levels. If you care more about being safe than comfortable, you will have to spend more, depending on your size. There are numerous styles and sizes available for all.

#3. Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Boot

The reason why this pair is part of the best hiking boots for men is that it’s been made with 100% suede leather and mesh. This means that it’s much better at getting the moisture out than any of the models previously mentioned.

You will also be pleased to know that even though it’s made from a combination of materials, you don’t have to spray it with a coating to make it waterproof. You can wear them straight out of the box.

Additionally, this pair is made from Vibram TC5 outsole. The heel is air cushioned so in case you step on rough and rocky surfaces, you will not feel any pain or discomfort. As well as, it has the capability of absorbing shock.

Therefore, you will be able to walk on whatever terrain you wish for as long as you wish. The 5mm lug depth will increase the safety and security of the shoes.

However, you have to bear in mind that it has mesh lining. This means that they are prone to puncture much easier than the LM Winter Snow Boots. Also, the Timberlands have a removable footbed that you will find useful in case you want to wear thick socks.

The sole absorbs shockNot suitable for people with flat arches
The material is highly breathableThe toes do not have extra protection
It comes in half sizesThey do not dry fast
It has a nylon arch shank
Suitable for people with wide feet


The reason why we recommend this pair of men’s hiking shoes is due to the fact that these are made for people that sweat excessively. If you’re looking to hike in the summer, these are much more practical to wear than the previous models mentioned.

#4. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Boot

This is another high-quality pair as it has been created with a smart technology. The Techlite lightweight midsole will ensure comfort through the excellent cushioning.

Thus, when you walk, you will feel like you will be stepping on a cloud. As well as, the Omni-Grip feature will make sure that you will be safe at all times as it’s impossible for your feet to slip. The footwear is made from leather and rubber sole so the moisture can escape.

Just like the Timberland pair, this is another pair of men’s hiking shoes that have been designed with full-grain leather. Similarly, to the Merrell pair, the suede construction makes them lightweight. Thus, it won’t add excess weight to your feet. The durable mesh tongue will provide comfort and breathability.

It provides ankle supportThey are not puncture-proof
The material is highly breathableThey are prone to develop smells
The pair is lightweightThe suede will stain your socks
It dries very fast
Available in half sizes


In comparison to the other models, this pair of waterproof hiking boots for men will ensure comfortability and excellent traction so you can safely walk on slippery hills.


Can the leather be stretched? I need to stretch a pair of hiking boots, with waterproof inner lining.

Yes, all you will need is patience. In order to do this, wear two socks with the hiking boots for the whole day. This will warm up the leather and it will stretch the leather from the inside. Please remember, that water or humidity hasn’t got a negative effect on the shoes.

How heavy are these waterproof shoes/boots?

You will be thoroughly pleased to know that they do not add weight to your feet. This means that you will be comfortable to wear them every day for a long period of time. Regardless, all of the models that we have mentioned are lightweight and practical so you don’t have to worry about this feature.

Are they suitable to be used in the snow? I only care about the traction or whether it will slip.

Yes, the majority of them are suitable for snow. However, if you want to use them in the winter, we recommend considering the boots that have been made with insulation in order to keep your feet warm. Regardless, all of the models presented in this review ensure a superior traction which means that you can use them confidently on a range of surfaces and terrains.

Is it normal for waterproof hiking boots to make your feet excessively sweat?

If you’re walking around for numerous hours, it’s inevitable that your feet will sweat. However, it’s essential that the materials are breathable so the sweat vapors will evaporate.




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